If you wanted to taste Pho without leaving the bar, then this umami bomb is designed for you.

(Tequila, Fino Sherry, Pho, Lime, Chili)

 HUF 2990,-


Floral Street 

Inspired by Paul Smith and his elegant, quirky but classic design which made him a true icon of fashion.

(Beetroot Oat Milk, Cognac, Verjus, Cinnamon, Saline, Pink Pepper)

 HUF 2990,-


Silent Night Cap

A spirit forward amaro-based drink for those who like to take their time to enjoy the finest music in life (silence).

(Amaro, Plum, Islay Scotch, Maraschino, Cherry Vinegar Glaze, Saline, Orange Bitter)

HUF 2990,-



Dutch Roots 

Four ingredients from across the globe. Playful, yet robust with notes of gentian and banana to give you a harmonious aperitivo.

(Jenever, Rose Vermouth, Banana, Gentian)

 HUF 2990,-


Silky Way

It feels like wearing a roll neck jumper and eating an apple while it is snowing outside.

(Gin, Cranberry and Goji, Lemon, Egg White, Pink Pepper, Apple, Olive Oil, Soda)

 HUF 2990,-



Every single day until springs knocks on the door with the First Rays Of The New Rising Sun (The title of a Jimi Hendrix album)

(Bourbon, Pumpkin Spice, Cream, Egg White, Citrus, Orange  Blossom, Soda)

 HUF 2990,-


Daily Dose 

“If life brings you troubles, drink some Champagne, and your problems will become bubbles…”

(Vodka, Aquavit, Spiced Cherry, Bubbles)

HUF 2990,-



Bedtime Story

Some of us never want to grow up and stop drinking hot chocolate while listening to bedtime stories. Good News: We have created a "grown up" cocoa for cold winter nights and casual Monday afternoons.

(Herb Liquor, Lapsang, Cocoa Milk, Acid Mix, Cinnamon)

 HUF 2990,-